To stay nimble, OEMs need more than just a custom tool supplier. They need a customer-centric manufacturing partner like West Ohio Tool. Here are five action steps we take to prove our commitment to the people we serve.

Make  investments

First, West Ohio Tool is committed to excellence for our customers by investing in the latest machine technology and automation available. Over the last year, the company purchased two Ebbco Chillers to cool metalworking fluid and help machine tools cut to tolerance. We also installed an additional Walter Helitronic Raptor grinding machine to increase capacity and a United Grinding versaLoadÔ collaborative robot loader on our Studer grinding machine for lights-out production.

Navigate customer needs in a changing marketplace

We understand the need to adapt and evolve. Like our customers, we’ve remained nimble while holding to our heritage. We continue to advance our tools and technology for the automotive manufacturing industry while extending our expertise to other sectors. Our team strategically seeks opportunities in government contracting, defense and aerospace with our EdgeX4 line and portfolio of carbide, cubic boron nitride (CBN), Cermet and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) custom tool offerings. Market expansion, however, has not diminished our ability to keep pace with customer needs. We continue to deliver up to 75% quicker than industry standards.

Define quality through customer success

A tool provider that defines product quality by client success is a customer-centric partner. West Ohio Tool is driven to provide increased tool life and reduced cost-per-hole for every solution it provides. In one instance, our custom EdgeX4 PCD drill solution produced a 11,386% production  goal increase (114x longer tool life) while cutting cost-per-hole by 98%.

Lead with engineering

We can engineer tools from something as complex as a part print or as simple as a hand-drawn sketch. Further, our engineering department is trained to save customers time and money by combining multiple tool solutions into one. Advanced 3D simulation and modeling software optimizes tool development time for the most efficient and effective tooling for all applications.

Walk with the customer

Custom tooling is not one size fits all. We work side-by-side with each client to understand their scope of work, unique challenges, material requirements, and machining parameters to engineer and deliver a tool we know will work for them the first time. Additionally, we offer customers in-house, on-site training with machine run-offs. Combining a unique understanding of customer needs, technical proficiency and expertise with a personalized, relation-based approach to business is what makes West Ohio Tool stand apart.

West Ohio Tool has been delivering custom tools and solutions to its customers for more than 30 years. But more than that, we’ve built relationships and exceeded expectations by taking action to center our business on the customer. West Ohio Tool does not simply fill orders; we solve customer problems.