We Are Dedicated To Out-Performing Industry Standards In Quality, Service, Price, And Delivery Time.

West Ohio Tool remains strong because we’ve spent decades building and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, and solidifying our reputation for inventing superior quality tooling, products, and services is exceptionally high.

The ability to make Specials as our core products means West Ohio Tool continues to be exceedingly diversified in a host of customer applications and process needs.  The expertise we have developed over the years by providing such products and services is greatly valued by our customers and keeps us on the forefront of emerging materials.

Company History

West Ohio Tool Co. began in 1989 as a sharpening business. Initially the business intent was to provide a sharpening service working locally in West Central Ohio.

Realizing modifications that could improve our clients’ tool wear and strength, we expanded our regrind full service in February of 1997 with the purchase of our first Walter CNC machine. This allowed us to expand our capabilities further into manufacturing tools. This growth led to the need of a second and third Walter machine in June and December of 1998.

Through our reputation of quality and delivery, we grew rapidly and began working in the specials in small quantities. Growth continued and we began manufacturing large volumes of router bits and metal working specials.

In December of 2000, West Ohio Tool Co. expanded into our newly built facility in the Indian Lake Industrial Park in Russells Point, Ohio, where we added the Centerless Grinder and became vertically integrated to full production from raw blank to finished project.

The growth of the company and the expanded space allowed us to purchase our fourth Walter Power Machine, and in the Fall of 2003 we added our Power + Diamond Walter Machine for PCD tool regrind.

A year and a half later, we brought in an additional production/tool engineer, added Walter Vision, updated Helicheck, and added 3D modeling software. In the Fall of 2010 we added the Vollmer QWD 760, and added the Vollmer QWD 760H with robot just shy of a year later in the Summer of 2011.

Summer of 2015 was an especially exciting time here at West Ohio Tool Co. as we brought the addition of the Walter Helitronic Power Diamond erosion with the latest in generator technology. We are honored to be the first in the U.S. and second in the world for this new technology, and we continue to work directly with Walter in Germany to further develop the software.

Concurrently from 2014-2016 we concentrated on the development of a solid PCD full cross center tipped drill (helical, straight and straight to helical) in coordination with United Grinding and Element 6.  This drilling technology was developed for the aerospace, automotive and other non-ferrous industries.

We continue to build business and grow through advanced Engineering and Design of “Critical Custom Tools” as well as elimination of variance with professional CNC service.