To make holes. Lots of them.

Custom PCD Cross-Center Tipped Drills

  • Patent-pending manufacturing process
  • Cross-center tip uses highest concentrated grade of PCD
  • Strength in the chisel – one pass
  • Exceed 800k to 1 million holes in die-cast aluminum
  • 3-5x faster drilling
  • Cut your wait time up to 75% of the industry standard


Outboard Tipped PCD Slow Helix Drill

Carbide Straight Drill

Outboard Tipped PCD Straight Drill

Carbide Twist Drill

Are your tools saving you money? Or costing you?

The most impact for your investment

Our engineers are able to create tooling from manufacturing part prints, which means we can combine multiple current cutting tools into one tool. This drastically saves on tool costs and your cost per hole. We’ll work with you to create an accurate and reliable tool no matter your needs.

Let’s Innovate

There are a lot of complex, challenging materials out there.

Are you ready to gain the EdgeX4?

Production time is only 4-6 weeks - 75% faster than what you're used to.


Over 10x stronger than the best maintained carbide comparison.


Less stopping and tool changing. 800,000 holes in some applications!


4-6 weeks delivery time, compared to standard 16-20 weeks.

Monobloc/Integral Shank

PCD Hollow Mill Form Tool

PCD Tipped Integral Shank Step Reamer

PCD Tipped HSK Integral Shank Milling Cutter

PCD Tipped CAT Integral Shank Internal Forming Tool

Your materials continue to evolve, your tools should too.

Longer tool life

Monobloc, simply put, is one solid tool of power. The Monobloc solid forged adapter prevents breakage and increases percussion energy allowing for tighter tolerances in holes and longer tool life. The rigidity and cutting stability of an integral tool shank is an assessment decision we can guide you through if creating a custom PCD cross-center tipped drill or tool for the first time. We work with you to determine the best approach to your challenge for the most effective outcome—for your front line and your bottom line.

Reamers, Mills & End Mills

PCD Grooving Tool

PCD Single Flute Grooving Tool

PCD Tipped CAT Integral Shank Internal Forming Tool

Getting it right the first time.

Highest accuracy with a sleek finish

We want to help you achieve a smooth and accurate finishing touch for all the holes in your product. This requires custom PCD cross-center tipped drills that our team will expertly craft based on your desired outcome. Aerospace, power generation, die and mold, automotive, and medical industries all have specific needs to ensure production is accurate and effective. We know our tools must enhance your manufacturing process moving forward with the best finish possible. After all, lives depend on it.

We take our innovation and brand promise seriously.

West Ohio Tool creates the custom PCD cross-center tipped drills that allow you to take your customers above the clouds, on the highway, or on the seas.

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