Regrinding & Brazing

When you’re using your custom WOT drill, we know there are variables that lead to regrinding or, if using a PCD tool like the EdgeX4, possibly re-brazing.

Grinding and sharpening is where it all began for WOT, and one of our mastery skills. We measure our success by providing this service less and less because the tools outlast the application.

We track your original, geometrical specs so that we can bring you back to the start. Our goal is to make the process as logistically and economically efficient as possible to get you back to what you do best.

We’ll also assist with high-quality performing drills that were not originated at West Ohio Tool.  An expert regrinding team member will analyze the tool to determine the type of damage or dullness for accurate diagnostics. During the regrind process, we maintain exact geometry for maximum strength and edge effectiveness.

How Many Holes did it Take?

Many regrinds or re-brazings we’ve conducted vary from wear and tear to improper handling. If it’s the latter, we’re available to assist you in training employees or problem solving the application for optimum longevity.

If it’s because of wear and tear, please tell us how many hits you were able to achieve. It helps us gauge the success of our operation plus it gets our team pumped to know how far you leveraged what they built. Contact us anytime to share your success with WOT!

More than tool design – you gain more services with us

There’s also many services we provide that are naturally just what we do, because it’s the right thing to do. It’s our approach to providing value to our partnership.

We share our knowledge and expertise gained collectively for more than 30 years. We’ve shipped more than half a million tools in the past seven years alone, striving to ensure the end users have proper technique. Together, the integrity of the process will constantly improve.

We realize emergencies happen, as well as expedited turnaround times. We try to move mountains so that you can move metal.

We know the materials you are producing will be impacting the lives of people neither of us may ever know, and that it’s a large responsibility to be precisely accurate every time. If you need on-site troubleshooting with your application, we’ll be there.