Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

What makes West Ohio Tool stand out from the rest?

Customers rely on West Ohio Tool to help them:
  • Increase production and decrease production cost.
  • Look at the actual application as well as both tool & part designs.
  • Combine tools and make a one process tool that shortens production cycle time and reduces customer tool inventory.
  • Review many facets of the application that need to be considered, and perform a full application assessment that includes production machines.

West Ohio Tool has the ability to redesign and customize the tool for the application

Application objective examples:
  • Decrease in cycle times
  • Cost down with a decrease in cycle times
  • Decrease number of tools in system

Most importantly, we listen to the customer.

Our dedicated team is cross-trained to perform multiple functions for our customers. In the rare event our team at West Ohio Tool is not able to supply an internal solution, we find outside help to ensure our customers get the results they need. Having strong, quality relationships with customers, employees, and vendors is imperative to us!