What we do

Important projects deserve special tools that you can put your confidence in. We all face complex and challenging materials which will continue as our industries emerge.


Let’s solve your projects together.

What makes West Ohio Tool stand out from the rest?

 Customers gain the edge with West Ohio Tool in many ways. We’re not order fillers; we’re tool engineers with a strong desire to help you win. Here’s how we get started.  

  • Assess the whole picture – application, tool & part designs, timelines and desired goal.
  • Determine possibilities of tool combinations to streamline one process tool that shortens production cycle time and reduces customer tool inventory.
  • Review all facets of the application that need to be considered and perform a full application assessment that includes production machines.
  • Diligently problem solve to create the fastest, strongest, longest, most efficient and affordable tools that keep you moving forward.

At WOT, it’s not about making a tool. It’s about making you your best and absolutely confident that you’ve made the right partnership to build something amazing together.

We make holes. Lots of them.