Our Story

In 1984, Honda came to town. Kerry was one of the first couple of hundred hired at Marysville assembly. He was shortly after handpicked as one of the first four to start up the Honda Engine Anna plant. After time at Honda Engineering working with tooling, Kerry had the vision to start their own business. His wife, Kim, worked in billing at Mary Rutan Hospital. November 11, 1989, they started Buck’s Sharpening in one room of their garage while they continued to work full-time.

The business began sharpening homeowner items that started as hedge trimmers, mower blades, scissors and sawblades for local Amish cabinet shops and an RV manufacturer. As more space was needed, they remodeled an old chicken coop on the property that allowed them to double the space which would again only last a short time. By 1993, Kerry joined Kim as a full-time employee and they renamed the business, West Ohio Saw & Tool. The new name reflected their expanding list of customers and services that by then included industrial tools.

By the mid-90’s, they built their own steel framed industrial 60’x80’ building as additional space was yet again needed. They attended a woodworking show and Kerry got the bug to purchase their first Walter’s CNC Tool & Cutter Grinding machine that allowed them to discontinue service work on homeowner items which did not provide much of an income and moved strictly to manufacturing and servicing industrial cutting tools.  Additional equipment was added to the shop floor which opened the door to regrind custom industrial CBN and PCD round tools. By the start of a new decade, they incorporated, changed the name carried today: West Ohio Tool Co. and built a new business location in the Indian Lake Industrial Park.

Kerry and Kim grew sales largely in automotive. Kerry continued to vision longer tool life and lower cost per hole. R&D began on PCD cross center tipped technology which later proved a longer than 4-year tool life in aluminum with no change outs and 1,000,000 holes. His vision for a significantly longer tool life with a significantly cost per hole was now reality knowing that additional markets needed this newly named drill, the EdgeX4.

After a few health challenges, Kerry retired in 2020. Kerry and Kim’s daughter, Kaci stepped in to manage the business along with her husband, Rea. Kaci had more than two decades of hands-on experience at West Ohio Tool. While she had previously focused on the financial and tax side, Kaci learned many of the jobs within the office along the way and learned from her mom and dad’s example to do whatever necessary. Kerry stayed on as a trusted advisor until his passing in December 2021.

Kerry’s vision combined with he and Kim’s work ethic, problem solving, customer service and dedication that built West Ohio Tool Co. lives on more than 30 years after clearing the initial space in their garage. Kaci, Rea and the West Ohio Tool team are honored to carry Kerry & Kim’s legacy forward.

Company History



Nov, 11th: West Ohio Tool Co is born as a tool sharpening business in West Central Ohio



West Ohio Tool Co is born as a tool sharpening business in West Central Ohio


Kim works for the business full-time


Kerry goes full-time with the business and takes early retirement from Honda


Kerry and Kim begin building a new 60’x80’ industrial building


First Walters CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder – expands capabilities into manufacturing custom carbide tooling; homeowner sharpening is discontinued


Growth leads to the addition of two more Walter CNC machines. January, Kaci joins the business full-time after college. April, first full-time non-family member was hired. July, Business incorporates and the name is changed to the current: West Ohio Tool Co



West Ohio Tool Co moves into its newly built facility in the Indian Lake Industrial Park in Russells Point, Ohio


Expanded space and growth leads to adding our Power + Diamond Walter Machine for PCD tool regrind


Walter Vision Machine added, updated Helicheck, and added 3D modeling software



Vollmer QWD 760 machine added


Vollmer QWD 760H with robot arm added


First EdgeX4 drills placed into testing


Addition of the Walter Helitronic Power Diamond. First in the US and second in the world for this new technology


Development of a solid PCD full cross center tipped drill - The EdgeX4


First Walter Erosion Machine with Fanuc robot in US. Studer S31 is added for OD Grinding



Kerry retires in January, and his long-time employee, Kaci becomes CEO


$750,000 investment in technology, equipment and people – Tool Studio, 2 Walter CNC Machines are exchanged for new


Addition of one EdgeX4 family member: ballnose endmill and addition of manufacturing custom CBN cutting tools. EdgeX4 word spreads – first several hundred-piece order is placed.

ISO9001:2015 compliance


Added 2nd erosion machine + Studer versaLoad with robot automation for OD Grinding; AS9100D compliance

$1 million invested in equipment, automation, quality certifications and CMMC readiness


CMMC Level 2 compliance