Vollmer wire erosion machines process tool cutting edges made of PCD, PcBN and other hard materials. For the highest precision and performance of machines, in particular for tools with profiles and complex geometries. We have two Vollmer 5-axis CNC wire erosion machines, one with automatic loading for lights-out operation.

Studer s31 CNC OD Grinder

Designed for grinding workpieces in individual and small batch production, the Studer S31 is suitable for use in any industry where precise medium-sized workpieces are manufactured. Operation is very simple and the machine can be reset very quickly. The S31 offers a swiveling machine table, partial enclosure, a Granitan machine bed, and a large range of accessories.

Walter Helicheck Pro

The Helicheck Advanced is a fully-automated measuring machine that can measure complex geometries of rotation-symmetrical tools with a reproducible accuracy of 1.5 μ. The Helicheck Advanced is fully automated, contact-free, wear-free, precise, and offers added value with the measurement of production goods like grinding wheels and diamond dressing rolls. The back light camera has a 50x magnification, while both the front light and face cameras each have a 100x magnification.

Walter CNC 5 Axis Tool & Cutter Grinder

With up to six grinding wheels on the belt-driven spindle, the Helitronic Power grinds complex geometries with only one clamping cycle. Combined with the available loading systems, it sets standards in productivity and flexibility. Users appreciate these functions, which is why the Helitronic Power is the best-selling Walter tool grinding machine worldwide. The Helitronic Power uses Helitronic Tool Studio software and has a variety of Loading Systems in the Robot Loader. We have five Walter 5-axis CNC grinders and two Walter Power+ 5-axis CNC for eroding PCD. Three of our machines are set up with robots for lights-out operation.

Walter Helitronic Power Diamond

To produce complex parts, machines must be able to handle some of the most complex geometries and advanced materials in manufacturing. With the Walter tool grinding and rotary erosion state-of-the-art technology, along with robust software such as Helitronic Tool Studio, West Ohio Tool Co. makes simple work of the most complex parts. This machine has what it takes to keep up with the pace of modern manufacturing including the most advanced polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tooling. The HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND eroding machine can erode tools made of PCD/CBN material as well as grind custom complex tools made of carbide. The rotary erosion machine has a robot loader as well as an automatic wheel changer for running multiple operations of PCD and carbide. This allows West Ohio Tool Co. to offer highly efficient solutions for you and your bottom line.

Eurotech PG1000

The Eurotech PG1000 is a versatile piece of equipment that helps us gain the edge in our pcd manufacturing process, measuring and quality inspections before shipping. The PG1000 has the capability to producing 120x zoom.

Zoller Smart Check 450

We use the Zoller Smart Check 450 to measure and preset pcd tooling. It’s also used for a variety of in-process manufacturing measurements and check.