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Automotive Brake Manufacturer

West Ohio Tool Co. saved us 39% last year on PCD tooling. Retip lead time was cut from 13 weeks to 5 weeks. Regrind lead time was cut from 9 weeks to 3 weeks, and our new tool delivery time went from 16+ weeks down to 7-8 weeks.

Automotive Transmission Manufacturer

With the help of West Ohio Tool Co., we dramatically lowered our aluminum drilling costs. When we have tooling that reaches 500,000 holes, there is virtually no cost per hole for that tool. We were using carbide drills that would achieve 20,000 holes before it needed reground. This could only be done five times prior before purchasing a new carbide drill. We moved to pcd outboard tipped drills and achieved 350,000 holes on a non-cored hole and up to 1 million holes on a cored hole. However, West Ohio Tool Co.’s new pcd drill is running more than 700,000 holes without needing reground. This has saved significant time and money!

Aerospace IndustryIowa

After extensive testing, we have determined that the WOT cross center tip drills perform on par or better than our current suppliers full nib drills in our composite application, at a lower cost per hole. We plan to convert these drills to the WOT cross center tip design!

B.W.Asst Production Manager

Regrind and new manufacturing of solid carbide step drills took forever (16 to 22 weeks). We had an extremely high quantity of these in process due to the long lead times. Since we switched to West Ohio, our tool inventory has dropped considerably. Regrind and recoat turnaround time is now two to three weeks. New step drills are manufactured, coated and delivered normally in four to six weeks. They have been known to get us new tools in a week.

C.S.Tool Engineer

West Ohio has helped us understand cutting theories and applications better than anyone else we’ve worked with. Their technical support and outstanding service helped us to cut tool expense by approximately $325, 000 last year, due to an increase of tool life, 65% faster cycle times, and improved finishes on all of our cutting surfaces.
They have earned our greatest respect, and are now manufacturing 90% of all our solid carbide tooling and 100% brazing of our brazed insert milling cutters. When we receive new CNC machinery, we trust West Ohio to be our sole supplier of the cutting tools for the trials of mass production.”

R.H.Machining Department Engineer

I can say that West Ohio Tool is a very large asset to our business. They responded immediately and worked diligently to resolve our problems. Their approach was very teamwork oriented and they kept us involved every step of the way.

Department of Defense ManufacturerVice President, Engineering

We have been very impressed with the work West Ohio Tool Co. is doing for us and I thank you for that.

Recreation and Sports Manufacturer

Thank you for your support! I am a bit apprehensive to this next level of productivity, but the West Ohio Tool team has made this very easy.

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