“We’re costing ourselves money for every remaining tool we haven’t yet switched to the EdgeX4.”
-EdgeX4 Customer

The Need

One of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world came to us in need of a custom drilling solution to provide longer tool life and cost savings.

The Science

To improve a specific application, we custom engineered a cross-tipped drill, featuring the hardest polycrystalline diamond we could possibly source to increase tool life.


We tested our EdgeX4 technology against the hardest materials used across industries like CFRP and aluminum. Our tool life was outperforming by over 200% and we knew we were on to something.


Our customer was amazed at the endurance and performance our EdgeX4 achieved. The cost-per-hole savings that came with a 1,000,000 hole performance proved we had crafted a new necessity to be used in every industry, offered in PCD and CBN.

Why You Need The EdgeX4

The faster cross-center tip outperforms all carbide cutting edges.
Faster production time- only 4-6 weeks, 75%faster delivery compared to 16-20 weeks from other companies!
Up to 3x faster than carbide.
Faster speeds and feeds result in shorter cycle times.
Stronger because it is the hardest grade of solid wafer PCD manufactured.
Strength prevents premature breakdown of the drill point compared to outboard tipped drills.
Strong custom designs modify the tool to meet the grade for any job.
High-performance CBN for extreme heat resistance on hard materials.
Over 10x stronger than the best maintained carbide comparison.
Longer production cycles by minimizing regrinds.
Longer wear resistance versus standard grade PCD tooling.
Longer production cycles and less tool changing.
Achieve efficiency through longer tool life and significant cost savings per hole.
Improve efficiency with fewer tools in inventory, fewer regrinds, and fewer scraps.
Be more efficient with fewer premature failures or breakdowns, leading to fewer change outs, down time, and scrap.
We support your team’s efficiency with best practices training to ensure proper handling.

“As a result of their technical support and outstanding service, West Ohio Tool & EdgeX4 has helped us cut our tooling expenses by $325,000 annually.”

-Automotive Manufacturer

“They are what I would call a true partner.”

-Medical Manufacturer

“We lowered our cost per hole from $.007/hole to $.001/hole which becomes virtually free when the tool lasts roughly 1,000,000 holes and outlasts our 4-year model change.”

-Automotive Customer

Every tool we provide is custom-engineered to fit your specific application and outperform expectations. Simply provide us with the specification for your job.


Full center PCD or CBN for CFRP/composites and other abrasive materials.


Incredibly effective on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

EdgeX4-Full Nib

For CFRP/composites and can handle difficult geometries as well as smaller sizes.

EdgeX4-Ball Nose

A stronger, more versatile full radius end mill.

Sizes and styles vary based on custom tool application and need.  Contact us for additional information.

Experience The EdgeX4 Now

Engineered for Endurance