High-Performance PCD Drill


When your equipment isn’t performing at capacity or a drill breaks, it can be devastating to your work cycles, not to mention workplace safety. Seeing how often cutting tools are typically returned for rebrazing and regrinding, our team knew a better solution had to exist.

Throughout more than 30 years of operation and professional experience, we’ve combined our findings with long-term engineering excellence to produce products such as the EdgeX4. Continue reading to learn more about what makes our superior quality PCD drill so powerful.

Incredibly Fast Functionality

While carbide is a reliable cutting substance, it’s not the ultimate choice for higher drilling speeds or tough materials. By combining the precision carbide is known for with the sheer strength of polycrystalline diamond (PCD), we’ve constructed a drill that’s up to three times faster than carbide alone. Our cross-center PCD cutting tip works through any material with ease, without the need for frequent regrinding. In some applications, the EdgeX4 achieves up to one million holes without being replaced.v

Superior Material Strength

After years of working on specialty tooling solutions for greatly differing industries, we noticed specific commonalities. No matter the type of material someone is manipulating, durable cutting strength is always the difference between profitable manufacturing or costly downtime. Our team also mastered the structuring of carbide melded with solid PCD, which creates a superior cutting edge and product model than the two substances can achieve alone.

Long-Lasting Product Life

Using our high-performance PCD drill means you have all the cutting power you need with exponentially greater product life. Our customers who cut die-cast aluminum, for example, regularly find that the EdgeX4 lasts 10 times longer than competitors’ brands—up to one million holes! Our PCD cross-center-tipped drills can achieve three to four times more holes than regular carbide cutting tips, meaning you’ll benefit from faster cycle times without accumulating scrap.

Maximum Efficiency

We know how important it is to maintain your manufacturing schedule, so we’ve centered our work around supporting customer efficiency. When you order an EdgeX4, you get a top-performing PCD drill in only four to six weeks, instead of four to five months, as is commonplace with competitors. With the significant cost savings available through our products, you can work faster with fewer tools. All these factors produce the industry-leading results West Ohio Tool is known for.

After comparing other PCD drills to our EdgeX4, we’re sure you’ll agree we built a superior product. West Ohio Tool Co. products come with a Lowest Cost Per Hole Guarantee to keep your operations running smoothly and profitably. To learn more about PCD and carbide cutting tools we can manufacture for your critical needs, please contact us here. We look forward to serving your needs!