Client Industry: Automotive
Part Production: Transmissions
Material: Aluminum

Challenge: A major automotive OEM was reviewing their finances and noticed a hit their bottom line because of worn out drills. When it came to drilling aluminum transmission cases, they originally opted for carbide drills at a cost of $175.00 each. However, the company soon discovered that the drills lasted for only 25,000 holes before wearing out and needing to be reground or replaced.

Solution: West Ohio Tool’s custom EdgeX4™

Results: The cost of the custom EdgeX4 tool was more, yet the automotive OEM quickly realized a significant return on investment in terms of extended tool life – 4,000% longer tool life to be exact. Using the $1,000 EdgeX4, the company went from its original 25,000 holes per drill to 1 million per tool and from a cost per hole of $.007 down to $.001 for a 93% savings. Depending on the application, 800,000 to 1 million holes can be drilled using EdgeX4 innovation without regrinding or re-tipping. Also, premature breakdowns of drill points are reduced. The EdgeX4 delivers speed, strength, longevity and efficiency while increasing production output and reducing cost per hole. The tool is well suited for any industry that drills composites, plastics, aluminum and other nonferrous metals. “We cost ourselves money when we do not switch our tools to EdgeX4,” says their customer.

“We cost ourselves money when we do not switch our tools to EdgeX4.”

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