Client Industry: Automotive
Part Production: Battery Box
Material: Aluminum

Challenge: A West Ohio Tool customer could not meet its minimum production requirements when it came to drilling
holes in aluminum battery box casings. The customer’s target was to drill 300 holes or 10 parts per day, but their carbide drills were generating too much heat, resulting in a buildup of aluminum, that was hardening to a point of breaking the drills. After exhausting a number of other measures, West Ohio Tool was asked for an alternative that would significantly increase productivity while reducing cost per hole.

Solution: EdgeX4 PCD drills

Results: Within a few hours of production using West Ohio Tool’s EdgeX4, the customer’s output surged to more than 3,700 holes. Ultimately, a single EdgeX4 drill was able to drill 25,500 holes and produce 850 parts in a single day while increasing tool life by an astounding 255% over the previous drilling setup. Additionally, drilling with the EdgeX4 allowed for a 20% increase in drilling speed that, in turn, significantly reduced cycle times. Plus, the dramatic rise in part production and striking increase in tool life resulted in greatly diminished cost per hole for increased profitability. Less premature drill failure and longer life also translated into fewer tools in the customer’s inventory, less frequent regrinds and reduced scrap.

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