Standard drills in stock configurations are easy to find. Your job is not standard and you need more than what’s in stock.

When the tool you need does not exist in any catalog – that’s when you call West Ohio Tool. Maybe you are unable to find an off-the-shelf tool with the right flute lengths, or jobber-length tools simply don’t match up with your unique application. Whether you need a slight variation on a common design or something altogether different, West Ohio Tool always begins with your objectives.

Every custom tool solves a problem, and problem solving is our specialty. We start with basic questions about your workpiece material and part configuration along with any problems you’ve already encountered, from premature tool wear to overly long delivery times. After we learn the basics of what you need, we focus on the specifics. Ideally, you can send us a print or a 3D model of what you’re trying to produce. But if all you have is a rough sketch on a napkin and a set of dimensions, we can still get you what you need.

With information in hand, we engineer a tool and develop a drawing with all the specifications for your approval. Once we make any modifications and you sign off on what we design, we quote and produce your custom tool. In production, our staff’s years of experience unite with our advanced processes and software. We anticipate questions that you may not have considered and solve problems other suppliers have failed to address for you. You will always receive the performance you need.

Also important, one of the biggest solutions we provide you – faster delivery time. Our state-of-the-art equipment and automated production mean we can out deliver other suppliers regardless of their size. We send you quality approval prints faster than others and put finished tools in your hands weeks ahead of our competitors. In fact, when customers tell us what other suppliers quote for delivery schedules, we often wonder how anyone could expect you to wait that long.

Finally, when we design a tool for you, we continue meeting your high standards. We become a partner in your work and provide service throughout the life of the tool.

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