PCD - The "Hole" Truth

Not all PCD is concentrated equally.

PCD is measured by grain sizes that range from nanometers to hundreds of micrometers, usually referred to as nanocrystalline and microcrystalline. Smaller particles in higher quantity provide higher grade tooling.

Just like the thread count of your Egyptian cotton sheets, Not all PCD is created the same. The concentration of higher quantity grain affects the performance of higher grade tooling. For the EdgeX4, only the highest concentrate of PCD is used in the cross center tipped – giving you the strongest edge for every hole you make.

The application of this tool in both laboratory testing and in production has demonstrated that this concentrated technology provides an attractive solution for CFRP machining in terms of tool life, cutting speed, surface quality and most importantly, productivity and cost efficiency.

The challenges have been how to effectively and efficiently apply solid diamond materials while running zero surface footage at the center to form an effective cutting “Edge” – faster, stronger, longer and more efficient!

Thanks to the experience and ingenuity of our team, we have partnered with the highest grade, highest concentration of PCD on the globe and perfected a new way to marry solid PCD to carbide. Be a part of the leading edge. Get the EdgeX4 drill.