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We’ve continued to prove that ingenuity paired with the desire to improve the life of your tools has consistently resulted in a streamlined production process, making your cost per hole drop. West Ohio Tool is a hand selected team of experts in engineering, tooling, innovation and most importantly, advanced geometry. We share our knowledge, thoughts and solutions with you so that we all learn and grow, together.

Recent Articles

August 13, 2019 in Learning Center

PCD & Carbide Drills

Carbide and PCD – the evolution of West Ohio Tool proprietary specials tool development Up until the discovery that PCD brazing to carbide increased durability, carbide was the solid choice…
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October 11, 2019 in Learning Center

PCD Handling Tips

Although PCD is very hard and can hold up a very long time in cutting tool applications, it can also be very brittle if it touches another hard surface. A…
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October 21, 2019 in Learning Center

PCD Inspection Tips

Inspecting PCD when it's dirty can cause the edge to appear damaged in some form (cracks, chips, etc). Lets take a look at an easy cleaning method prior to inspection…
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November 1, 2019 in Learning Center

Why PCD:

Why PCD: There are 5 basic types of drill bits used in manufacturing today. In this video, you'll learn a little bit about them and their uses. We'll also introduce…
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