Client Industry: Automotive
Part Production: Transmissions
Material: Aluminum

Challenge: A West Ohio Tool customer’s solid carbide drills lasted only 25,000 holes – 250,000 through 10 regrinds – on its transmission production line. Short tool life ramped up tooling costs and curtailed output. Between constant change-outs and scrapped parts from less-than-optimal drilling, the entire process had become time consuming, inefficient and expensive. The customer asked West Ohio Tool for an alternative that would add productivity, cut costs and reduce tool inventory.

Solution: EdgeX4 PCD drills

Results: Production quality soared with West Ohio Tool’s EdgeX4. From 25,000 holes before a change-out with solid carbide, this customer experienced a 400% increase in tool life to 1,000,000 holes without a regrind using EdgeX4. This dramatic increase produced an equally dramatic rise in production, now that operators no longer needed to waste time switching out carbide drills for regrinds. Longer tool life cut cost per hole down to $0 and flattened inventory, with fewer drills in the spindle and none out for regrinding. Additionally, PCD drilling allowed for faster speeds and feeds than carbide, further shortening cycle times.
This customer hails EdgeX4 as its 1,000,000-hole drill,
but they’ve never had to find out exactly how many holes these tools can produce. EdgeX4 outlasts this automotive supplier’s tooling cycle, so the drills are removed from service before they reach end of life.


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