Client Industry: Automotive
Part Production: Brake Calipers
Material: Cast Iron


Due to ongoing supply chain issues and inconsistent part quality from overseas, a leading Tier 1 automotive brake component supplier recently expanded its U.S. reshoring efforts. As a result, part production demand increased dramatically and with it a corresponding increase in tool use. However, other suppliers’ cutting tools failed on the brake component supplier’s lathe operation that machined cast-iron parts, resulting in significant downtime and scrap. West Ohio Tool’s solid carbide tooling was the only tool that performed well, yet the customer still needed increased tool life due to its new output requirements.


Based on its long-standing relationship with the customer and extensive tooling experience in the automotive industry, West Ohio Tool understood the intricate details of the customer’s work and the challenges they faced. Leveraging its knowledge of the customer’s operations with the ability to engineer and produce unique tools for specific needs, West Ohio Tool refined and enhanced the original tool it provided for the application.


As a result of West Ohio Tool’s redesign and engineering improvements, the custom tool provided the same exceptional performance while doubling tool life.  Using the innovative new tool kept the customer’s machines running and met production requirements while dramatically reducing cost per hole. Based on that success, the customer selected West Ohio Tool to provide custom PCD-tipped tooling for an additional component application involving aluminum.

In addition to supplying its customer with an improved tooling solution, West Ohio Tool bolstered its relationship with the Tier 1 brake component supplier, maintaining a strong presence in the automotive industry as the sector continues to grow and expand to electric and hybrid vehicles.

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