Customers receive in-house, on site assistance at the manufacturing spindle and with machine run-offs.

Here at West Ohio Tool, our facilities have two Vollmer 5-axis CNC wire erosion, one with automatic loading for lights-out operation. We have five Walter 5-axis CNC grinders and two Walter Power+ 5-axis CNC for grinding PCD. These tool making machines are the top-selling in the world, and grind the most complex geometries in a single clamping.


We also offer an Ewag PCD grinder for precision manufacturing and regrinding of cutting tools made from PCD and Carbide, as well as a Helicheck CNC controlled inspection and measurement system that precisely measures actual tool dimensions and compares the actual dimensions with the intended normal values.


Our offerings extend to our software as well. We offer Tool Studio, an advanced 3D simulation software that saves tool development time and clearly displays all grinding processes on screen. Our Solidworks 3D modeling software works with file extensions IGES, STEP, IPT, SWG, DXF, PRT, SAT, IDW, and more. The Helicheck and all automatic machines are networked with fiber optic cable to the 3D simulation mainframe.

Even with a 21,000 sq. ft. environmentally controlled facility, we still have abundant room to expand!