When your production processes rely on tools that match unique parts, you want to recoup every bit of your investment in custom tooling. With regrinding and retipping services from West Ohio Tool, you can make your tools work hard for you throughout their lifetime.

Regrinding and retipping give you back new-tool performance at a fraction of new-tool cost. As long as the tool body remains in good condition, we can rehabilitate it through an indefinite number of retipping cycles. That gives you a big boost in the tool-economy department – and turnarounds that are up to up to four weeks faster.

Obviously, regrinds cost less than retipping because they use existing tips, but we can retip a tool far more times than we can regrind it. That’s the nature of a process that removes material from the tool itself.

Of course, that “simple” retipping process isn’t as simple as replacing a light bulb, or you wouldn’t need specialists like us to do it right. Just as you won’t find your purpose-built tools at a big-box home-improvement store, you won’t find a toolmaking company like West Ohio Tool that also specializes in regrinds and retips. Most firms won’t regrind or retip tools they didn’t make, but we will. When you entrust your tools to us for retipping, you apply our proprietary brazing process for a stronger, better-performing tool that other options can’t produce.

Most shops don’t buy all their tools from one place. In fact, some customers approach us to add PCD to tools that don’t include it. We almost always can create a solution that boosts performance so much, it’s as if we’ve created an entirely new tool design. Some of these customers come back to us later and ask us to design them a new tool based on their part prints. That way, we can optimize the addition of PCD.

Before we begin a regrind or retip process, we inspect every tool. If the tool body has taken a hit during a crash, the collision can destroy the pockets that should contain PCD or carbide. If that’s the case, we either return the tool to the customer so they can recycle it or do so ourselves at their request. If the tool shaft no longer runs true and will cause runout, we’ll notify you immediately. Once we’re certain that we can return the tool to its original geometry, we rehabilitate it.

You get the ideal combination from West Ohio Tool: unique new tools plus top-quality regrinds and retips. We help you maximize tool life, workpiece quality and production profitability in every way we can. Beyond our toolmaking expertise and tool rehab skill, we’re here to solve your problems, including some – such as lengthy shipping time – that you may have thought you couldn’t avoid. We specialize in the problem-solving business. What can we handle for you?