by Kaci King, CFO and co-owner, West Ohio Tool

Anyone can walk into a hardware store and buy a batch of standard drills. For many people, those products are more than adequate for a wide range of jobs and projects. But for some applications, the off-the-shelf, commodity-item approach simply doesn’t work. The tools can’t make enough holes to justify their cost per hole. The challenges of the workpiece material overcome the capabilities of the tools. The results are equal parts frustration and wasted time – and the combination provides a clear signal that you need custom tooling.

When you commission custom tools from us, you’re not just buying a product. You’re creating a relationship. Yes, we could simply take your order and fulfill it, but at West Ohio Tool, that’s not our focus. For more than 30 years, we’ve been in the problem-solving business – and our customers quickly come to understand the difference between what we do and how other suppliers approach them.

Some companies view you as just another customer. They assign you a number, build what you ask for and ship it out. They don’t see past the job you ask them to quote and look at the problem you’re trying to solve. Your production doesn’t improve with their products, and they don’t seem to care.

What can custom drills from West Ohio Tool do for you? Consider these five things as you evaluate your options and commission us to create solutions for you.

  1. You value your time. In manufacturing, time is money, and if you lose time trying to make do with substandard tools, that’s time you can’t recapture. Instead of trying to make the tools you have do something they can’t do, you need tools that actually perform in your applications. We understand how frustrating it can be to look for solutions and not find them. When you allow us to collaborate with you, we apply many decades of cutting tool experience to understanding and solving your problems.
  1. You want to reduce your costs per hole as much as possible. Just because you haven’t found a way to minimize those production costs yet doesn’t mean we can’t help you get there – in ways you may not have expected. One of the advantages of our long, diverse experience is that we approach problems holistically, knowing that in many cases, what looks like the problem actually is a symptom of something else. When you solve your real underlying problem, you immediately see cost savings. We help you find and address the fundamental bottlenecks that hold back your productivity.
  1. You’re tired of waiting for shipments. We deliver custom PCD tooling 75% faster than the industry standard. We’re not willing to wait, and we think you shouldn’t have to, either.
  1. You want better tool quality. In your industry, you’re responsible for delivering the results your customers expect. We work the same way. Complacency doesn’t improve results. If we were satisfied with run-of-the-mill, ordinary tooling, we’d be making standard drills, not engineering extraordinary performance. We work with you to find the ideal solution for your applications. We build better tools from the strongest PCD available, tools that outlast other products, run at faster speeds and feeds, and save you money with better results.
  1. You’re looking for more than a transaction. You want a partner who will engineer real solutions to your application challenges and support those solutions – on the phone and in person – so you achieve the results that transform your process. You want an enduring relationship with a supplier you can trust to listen to your needs and apply creative thinking to meet them with one-of-a-kind products.

In short, at West Ohio Tool, we not only think outside the proverbial box, we only use the box to ship your products, not to limit what we can achieve for you. We want to offer you the best solutions, not the lowest of three routine quotes. If we set out to be your least-expensive option, we end up not living up to our own principles: Engineer exceptional results that solve real problems. Let’s work together to make your life easier.